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Professional Handyman Services

Columbus Odd Jobs offers the full spectrum of Handyman services from plumbing and electrical, to paint and tile.

Regular Home Maintenance Saves Money

Save money by properly maintaining your home. Regular maintenance is a wise investment compared to repairing things when they break, and your personal, skilled handyman makes it easy.

Comprehensive Home Repair Services

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a single, trusted source for all your home repairs? Our experienced handyman team can fix anything from drywall damage to deck repairs, caulking your windows to re-hinging the front door.

Busy schedules can make home repairs hard to get to. Now your growing “To Do” list just looks overwhelming and unmanageable.  Where do you start?  It takes just one quick call to hire your local Columbus Handyman to solve all your home repair headaches.  Professional, safe, reliable handyman services on-time, every time, that’s our guarantee.

Columbus Handyman is your “one-stop shop” to all your home repair and project needs.  As long-time homeowners and residents of central Ohio, we understand both the time and cost involved with keeping one of the biggest investments most people ever make in tip-top shape.  All too often minor “fix-its” lead to major repairs, costs, headaches, and sometimes devaluation of the investment in your home if not completed properly and in a timely manner.  Or, you may undertake these projects as weekend DIY-er only to create a larger headache.  That’s why we strive to deliver quality work that is guaranteed to help you better enjoy the investment in your home and spend more time with your family.


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